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What makes 10ACITY different from regular water?

Regular water or H2O contains one oxygen atom that is chemically bounded to two hydrogen atoms. While consumption of water is vital for bodily functions, the hydrogen in water is chemically bound and not available for other interactions. When we infuse hydrogen gas into 10ACITY, the hydrogen gas is accessible for our bodies and can be absorbed by our cells.

Is 10ACITY carbonated or taste different than regular water?

10ACITY has a non-carbonated taste and is a premium spring water. We source our pure spring water from a pristine local aquifer and infuse with an ultra-pure hydrogen gas. 10ACITY is a great replacement for your premium water. You will love the taste.

How often should I consume 10ACITY?

We recommend drinking 10ACITY daily and as often as desired. For maximum results please use 1 per day for a minimum of 14 days. Daily hydrogen consumption is recommended to support your metabolism. There is no limit to how much you can consume as part of a responsible hydration routine. There are no known negative side effects.

Any special instructions for consumption?

To maximize hydrogen consumption, we recommend drinking directly from the pouch and within 30 minutes of opening. 10ACITY can be refrigerated or served ambient. Take it on the go and drink the way you like it.

What are some of the benefits of drinking 10ACITY?

Increased tenacity. Reduced fatigue. Supports metabolism. Provides antioxidants. Reduces oxidative stress.

Are there any studies supporting the health benefits of hydrogen gas?

Molecular hydrogen has been extensively researched and there are over 750 independent studies published by medical scientists. Hydrogen gas is a known energy source and is already used by our bodies within our gut bacteria. The earth’s atmosphere was once abundant with hydrogen. Please visit our science page for more information.

Why does 10ACITY come in a pouch?

The multi-layer pouch is effective at retaining the hydrogen gas until you are ready to drink it. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe and will escape through conventional plastic or glass bottles. The pouch is BPA free, folds down small after use and is more sustainable than heavy bottles or bulky plastic.

Why is 10ACITY different from other hydrogen-infused waters?

Our patented hydrogen infusion process allows us to infuse 2.5 PPM of hydrogen gas at filling. This is the highest concentration in the industry so you know you are getting the most effective product.

How do I buy online?

10ACITY antioxidant Hydrogen infused spring water can be purchased from and

I am a retailer interested in selling your product.

Please call 941-350-3587 or email at We would be happy to hear from you.