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benefits of Hydrogen infused water.

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John Riley

Olympic Marathon Athlete

10ACITY Water has been a regular part of my diet for years! It's helped reduce inflammation all over my body. 


Tara Blake

Golden Gloves Champion

I drink 10ACITY water before and after fights & workouts. It gives me more endurance and has decreased my recovery time.

Female Boxer

Gary Fitzgerald

NBA Hall of Fame Athlete

I wish I had 10ACITY Water when I was still playing in the league! My game has aged like fine wine due to my increased athletic ability and reduced inflammation. I'm better on the court and feel better off the court, every day because of 10ACITY. 

Basketball Player

Debra Tilly

Gym Owner

I recommend 10ACITY Water to all of my gym patrons. It's helped my rheumatoid arthritis greatly and keeps me in the gym regularly!

Athletic Woman

Jeff Murphy

US Open Winner

Coach Maddis recommended 10ACITY while I was recovering from a knee injury. It sped up my recovery and now helps to increase my endurance.

Athletic Man

Don't just take their word for it. Read independent studies that show how 10ACITY Hydrogen Infused Spring Water can relieve ailments from inflammation & muscle fatigues to cancer.